Chaman Bahar

Chaman Bahar Released on Netflix – Reviews and Ratings

Chaman Bahar Starring Jitendra has released on Netflix today, The Movie was Made for the Theatre Rlease but Due to the COVID 19 Situation in the nation it get Released On Netflix on Friday. The Movie Shows the Interesting Story Based on One-Sided Love. The Story of the Movie is So much interested and Worthful to Watch.

Here We have added The Chaman Bahar Review and Ratings and You can Also Some More Details and Information regarding this Movie Chaman Bahar.

Chaman Bahar

What is the Story of the Movie Chaman Bahar

The Movies Shows the Story of Town Lormi Which is in Chattisgarh, The Whole Story Revolves Around a Boy name Billu Who doesn’t want to Work as a Peon and wants to Make His Mark and For this, He Opens a Paan Shop Outside of the town and Name it Chaman Bahar, As There is No sale on his Shop but his life Changes when An Junior Engineer Comes with his Family to live in th house opposite to his Shop Chaman bahar.  The Junior Engineer Have A Daughter Name Rinku, thus She Becomes Center of Attraction for the boys in that Area. Many boys started Coming to his Shop to get a Glimpse of Rinku. Billu Started Loving Rinku Secretly. So let’s Watch the Movie on Netflix and Watch the Whole Story and Witness the one Sided Love Story.

Chaman Bahar Reviews

The Apoorvadhar Budgayan Shows the Side Effects of the One Side Love in this Movie and He Also Shows what type of Difficulties Faces by the Girl and her Family. He also Shows The Moods of Boys and their One-Sided Love.

Talking About the Acting, Jitendra Kumar Once Gaian Proves he is the best, His Acting skill and the Way he did a Role of a Small Town boy is Quite Appreciable. His Acting in the Movie is full of Emotions and Talking about the supportive cast the Somu and chotu they have nailed the Roles.

The Dialogues and the Music Is Balanced and this making the Movie So realistic and making it Worth to watch. Overall Chaman Bahar is Good and Really needed to be Watch, A Good Amount of Humour, and Emotions making this movie so Interesting and Watchable. You can watch the movie on Netflix as Chaman Bahar Streaming Netflix

The Movie was Made to released on Theatres but The Spread the Coronovirus Make it Stop to Release on the Theatres and then Creators Decided to Rlease it on the OTT Platform on Netflix has Chosen for the rlease, There are Many movies Which Will be Releasing on the Netflix this year SO Save the Dates and enjoy the Movies

Some Details About the Movie

  • Directed by –  Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann
  • Story By –  Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann
  • Distributed by –  Netflix
  • Genre –  Drama
  • Run Time –  1 Hour 51 Min
  • Ratings – 7.9/10

Chaman Bahar Cast Details

Here We have added the Major Cast of the Chaman Bahar

Jitendra Kumar Billu
Ritika Badiani Rinku
Alam Khan Shiladitya Tiwari
Bhuvan Arora Somu
Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari Chhotu
Ashwani Kumar Ashu Bhaiya

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