Currency Converter Script

Currency Converter Script – Price Currency Converter Clone Script

Clone of: Other Developer: PHP Scriptsmall
Language: PHP  License: Commercial


Currency Converter script is a script with which you can convert one currency into another currency. It has written currency rates of different countries, with the help of which users can easily see the currency rate of any country live. In the Live Currency Converter, you have to enter the currency you want to change on one side and on the other side, enter the country whose currency you want to convert. By doing this the user can easily convert one currency into another currency. Real-Time Currency Converter Script is a very secure script because it contains a security code so that even a hacker cannot hack it. The best advantage of Price Currency Converter is this is also available on mobile, you can also use it from mobile, laptop, computer, desktop, and laptop.

In the Currency Exchange Rate Script, the user can get the past 5 days graph of the exchange rate.  Also in the Live Currency Converter Script user can view all the exchange rates which he wants to know.

Currency Converter Script

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