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Pilot Complains of Violation On Air Asia Said Violating Passenger Safety – Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast)

We all Know Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, He is Pilot and Run a Youtube Channel Name as Flying Beats and also ANother Channel Name as Fit Muscle TV. He is a Fantastic Man and he is also a BodyBuilding Enthusiastic. Recently he Sent a Letter to his Officials In Air Asia About that the Airline Company is Violating the Passenger Safety but now He Tweeted that Air Asia has Suspended Him for the Violating Rules. He said the airline company Suspended Him as he Stood Up for the Safe Operation of Passengers and the Aircraft.

What Are the Things that for  GauravTaneja Stood Up

If you are Watching his Videos On his channel Flying beast then You probably Know what is the matter all about, But those who don’t Know About the matter read the article Full. Gaurav Taneja works Wor Air Asia, he is a Full-time Pilot and Also Runs 2 Channels on Youtube. Recently he Sent a Letter to his Higher Authorities that Airlines is Violating the rule for the Passenger and aircraft Safety But They Suspend Him.

What is the Whole Thing?

He said that Airline asked their Pilots to Do a 98 percent Landing in Flap 3 Mode in which the Planes Fuel can be Saved. Pilots never do 98 Percent Of LAnding in Flap 3 mode as it is also The Violation of the Standard Operating procedure. This is the Things In which Gaurav Taneja Send all the Report.

What is Flap 3 Mode

Yeah, You have only one thing in that what is Fpla and what is this Flap 3 Mode, Flaps are The PAet of the Airplane Wings which are used to create Drag when the plane Takes off or land on the Airport. Gaurav Taneja said If Something Unfortunate happens in this Situation only the Pilot will be Asked how he Chooses this.

What is the reaction of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation

After all this thing the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Stated their Investigation on this and Many People Raised their Complains ABout this. The DGCA said they have Already Stated their Investigation and Action will be Take Which will Depend upon the Result.

What Air Asia Said About the Whole Thing

After the Allegation bY Gaurav Taneja Air Asia Said that they have Suspended the Plot Because of Some disciplinary issues, Some Stakeholders Also Raised the Concern about the safety of the passengers in the plane. The Whole Thing Will be investigate Soon by the DGCA as Air Asia Claiming That they have Suspended the Pilot Mr. Guarav Taneja Because of Some disciplinary issues.

Guiarav Taneja Also Post a Video on hsi Channel

He also posted a video on his channel about all the things he said to the authorities and the Issues related to the Passenger and Aircraft Safety but instead, They have Suspended him. Here we have also his video you can watch it From the link We have added Below

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