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Kunal Kamra New video Roasting Carryminati – Trolled By fans

Kunal Kamra Posted an 11 Minutes Long video, The Video is all about roasting carryminati. As from the past few days, Carryminati is in the news for Roasting th Tik Tok Fame Amir Siddiqui and after that carry Video was Deleted From youtube for Violating rules on Youtube, and it was Non Music most liked Video but unfortunately, its got Deleted.

We all know Kunal Kamra is a Comedian and the one who was banned for Flying six Month By Indigo, On Friday Mr. Kamra, Posted a video on youtube Roasting Carryminati. It’s a normal thing to Roast Someone on youtube but The Roasting video dint Cached any Positive Comments and the video was trolled by many people.

What is Kunal Kamra Video All about?

He posted a video on youtube title ” Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye” the video is 11 min long and the whole video is on Roasting carminative. In the Video Kunal Kamra used  Animated Version of Himself to roast carryminati. In the video is said Acrry Only Knows how to abuse and doesn’t have time to write The jokes and talking about his content.

What is the reaction of People

Carryminati is Youtube Sensation and this Young sensation has millions of Fans. After the video posted on youtube by Mr. Kunal Kamra, the fans trolled That video so brutally and many memes were made over him and the video.

After the video was posted the video gets 2 Million views in 24 Hours and got 7 Lakhs Dislikes, The video backfired the Kunal Kamra and this move Make him trolled so badly by the Carryminati Supporters and fans.



How this thing Get Started – Youtube Vs Tiktok

The Whole Scenario was started by Amir Siddiqui by talking about the youtube community and Saying youtube content cringe. Carryminati roasted him by his Video “Youtube vs TikTok –  the End” and after this Cary Video was Removed from the youtube for Violating the rules and community. Many People support carry for this but video dint Recovered. The whole Indian Youtube Community is now Roasting Tik tokers and this Youtube Vs TikTok is Still on news. you can read the full story as we have added a link below if you are new here and wanted to know the whole story

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Tik Tok rating was Pulled down after the fight

After this Youtube Vs TikTok, the Ratings of the Tiktok was Pulled down by many people as people were supporting carryminati. Earlier the rating was getting pulled Down from 4.4 to 1.3. People give Bad reviews and Got so many Bad critics.

Carry Roast Karega

There were many Critics and Support were made over the carryminati video some people support them and some of them Found his Vidoe Offensive as after removal of this video from Youtube, Carryminati dint Responded for some days and after this, He Posted an Emotional Video on his Social Media Handle as well as on the youtube says- “Carry Roast Krega”

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