Schools Colleges Reopening

Schools Colleges Reopening After 15 August 2020 HRD Minister Declared

Our Union HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal Recently Declared that The School and Colleges Will reopens After the 15th of August 2020. Although Colleges and Schools are taking the Online Classes on various application. On the other hand, this Schools Colleges Reopening is Making Trouble in Some Places like Many Parents don’t to Send their Children to Schools and Colleges due to the fear of the Cornavrius in the nation. They want that school should be Closed Until things get good in the nation.

The Schools and Colleges were Closed Due to the lockdown

The Corovairus Cases increasing day by day and now it about 10,000 Cases Per Day Arising in India and its a Whole Level concern thing. The Colleges and Schools were Closed from about 2 Months sue to lockdown in the entire Nation and now The Union Ministry of India Declared that the Schools and Colleges can be reopened after the 15th of August 2020 as Many people are not with the Decision of Making Schools Colleges Reopening.

Schools Colleges Reopening

Parents Concern over this Decision

According to the sources, there are about 92 % Parents who don’t want to Reopen the Scool and Colleges After 15th of Agust, as they are not Really wanted to send their Childrens to the Institution, The Concern of the parents is Right as due to increase Cases in India It will be not safe to make them go to school. Many of The parents have also Signed the petition that they are not with this decision and will only send their childrens to schools and colleges after Vaccine is read. The Concern is Good but the studies are also important as we have to cope up with this situation until the vaccine of this Coronvirus is ready.

Some of them said they are good with the online classes and if this thing is run smoothly why to reopen the schools as neither the Students nor the teachers are ready for this and we must continue these Online classes.

What are the measure will be taken After the Reopening of the Schools and Colleges

As childrens are not ready for the Physical environment we must teach them how to approach The solution of the solution, The Precautions must be taken by the children as well as the staff and also the Quarantine Rules and Hygiene measure must be taken.

What was in the interview

In the interview, the Union HRD Minister Mr. Ramesh Nishank Pokhriya said they wil Reopen the school after the 15th august and also he said that The Result of the Examination will be Declared till 15th august its like those exams which is taken before th lockdown and those exams which are still in progress.

Haryana Govt Decide to Reopen the school from July

Haryana Government is thinking to reopen schools from Next month as they will result eh classes with a Plan as they are taking the report from the stakeholders, parents and from Schools Heads for the reopening of schools and institution in Haryana state

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