Whatsapp Down 2020

Whatsapp Down 2020 Faces Several technical Glitches , Last Seen and Online Status Went Down

Whatsapp Down 2020: Last Night Our Favourite Chat App got Down, yeah Whatsapp Faces Several technical glitches on 19th of June 2020. So many people Complaint Like They Can’t See the online Status of the People and Also the last Seen. As these two features of the Whatsapp are so much important and Facing this Glitch Make many people Brushed.

As from the Sources, the technical Glitch Started Happening from Nearly from 8:30 PM IST and Making troubles for So many people Out there. As officials Have said they have Solved The issue lets See Is this issue is Permannaetly Solved or We will Experience it again or Not?

Some Users Also Complaint that they Cant Login into the WhatsApp

Some People Also experience That They cant  Login gain Into the Whatapp Due to the Technical glitch as Many people Deleted the Whatapp to restore it Back but unfortunately, those Who have Deleted it and Install It again and try to log in with their registered Numbers, the Whatsapp Shows the Try again FGter some Time Whatsapp is Temporarily Unavailable and this thing many People pissed.

Whatsapp Down 2020

Did this Problem Solve – Whatsapp Down news

Yeah, the Problem is now Solved and now People now can see the Last Seen and the Online staus In the Whatsapp Relief For the People. There were also Some Fake News That Whatsapp is Planning to remove this Privacy feature from the app but the news was fake and the officials Solved the issue.

Reason Behind this Technical Glitch of Whataspp Down 2020

There is no officials Statement About the Problem But Some of them are saying that this technical Glitch happened Because of the Server Problem. Yeah, they are Blaming Server For this But not an Issue The Things are now in control or it must be a Server Issue like Billion of people around the world are using the WhatsApp messenger.

Whatapp releases its New Payment Feature

Yeah, You hEard it right WhatsApp Releases ITs New Whatsapp Payment Feature In the app. There is no update When will it be available for India but the Feature is Live In Brazil and many People Are using it It’s safe and Impressive. So let’s See When it will Come for the Indian Users. According to the sources, the PAyment Feature is Highly Secured and Good people Are using it and the feature Is Fast. Its have the same Feature Like you can Connect your bank to th app and Done Seemless Transaction.

Twitter Was Full of Memes When Whatsapp got Down

Yeah for some Its was really a mess But Some People Were Enjoying this, Several memes went Viral on Whatsapp Down. The Meme Makers Really Fluid the Social media Platform With Several Hillarious memes, here We have also Added Some Twitter Meme Post you may like

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