BevQ App

BevQ App – Liquor Sales in Kerala via BevQ App , Faces technical glich

Faircode technologies A Startup company Developed an App Called BevQ App, This app will help the people to get the Liquor during this Lockdown and pandemic Situation, Its a Best way to prevent people from gathering on one place and The Booze Sales can easily be done with the help of the App. But this BevQ App Experience some technical glitches like Non-Receipt of OTP and many more. as due to this Many people gathered Outside of the Whines Shops and start Protesting, Police have tried hard to manage those people.

BevQ App

What is BevQ App? What is the use of this app

The state is experiencing Dry Day from Two months and Fw Days Abck the Excise Deprtamrt give the Green signal to the 576 bars, 291 beer parlors, and 301 government outlets to start the sell of the Liquor on the MRP but the issue will be people will start gathering for the Liquor on th shops and road and this will increase the spread of the virus, So the government decides to make an app which will help them to book the Liquor Online via the app, The app was made by the new Kochi BAsed Startup Company Faircode technologies.

The app is available on the Google Play store and According to the sources there about 2.25 lakh  Poepl installs this app and registered themselves on the app.

What were the technical glitches which were Faced by the People

When People start Installing the BevQ app on their Phones from google store due to So many users registration The App Starting having Weird and Some Technical Glitches make it worse. People get Pissed off and they Start protesting in the front of the whines shops and The people who have registered also join them. It takes so much time to make the situation ease as police handled the situation on time.

What is the process and what happens when you register in BevQ app

The BevQ App Indexed and Filter the Closest Wine Shop for you once You’re registered you will get the Time slot for the closest Liquor Shop. After that, you will receive the confirmation as Token No and QR Code with Date and time.

What for those Who don’t have smartphones

The people who don’t have smartphones Can register Themselves with the help of the SMS, The Popelcan make a Booking Once in Four days via the SMS and After the Identification, the person can get the Liquor with the help of Token assigned to him.

Timings and other details of Liquor Shops and outlets

The outlets and shops are open from Morning 9 AM to Evening 5 PM and the people can be booked via the App from 6 AM and 10 PM.

As after the issues, The Chief Financial officer of Fircode Naveen George said that the issue will be solved Soon and people can easily be booked their Liquor from the app. As this app is good in this situation to maintain the social Distancing measure in the state and gathering can be Prevented.

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