Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted

Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted Youtube Vs Tiktok – Carryminati Pens Emotional Message on Instagram

The Youtube Vs TikTok War Imergest to another Level as After the Youtube Deleted Carryminati New Roast video Youtube Vs Tiktok The Ends As Video was Superhit and liked by many people around India. The Video got 70 Million Likes and 10 Million lIkes more when it took Down from Youtube. The Video has Created so much hype in the Youth as there is So much controversy for this Youtube Vs Tiktok. After the Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted many of the people get offended and stared a new trend #CarryMinati and #JusticeForCarry and also #makecrryvidoeback and more.

What is the whole Controversy is about

A few months BAck Amir Siddiqui a TikTok Star Released his Video on Instagram Spreading hatred for th Youtube and Youtube Community saying the content Cringe and Waste, and after this Video Went viral many People get offended as youtube have so many fans around the India and people supports Youtube Content Creators After this Carryminati released the Video on youtube titled as Youtube vs TikTok The End, The video was liked by many people around an India and got about 70 Million of Likes and So many comments.

Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted

What was the video about – Carry Youtube Vs Tiktok

As we all know carryminati is Popular Video Creator on youtube with almost 13 Million Subs, as he Creates So many comedy, Homurous, and roast videos on Youtube after the Amir Siddiqui Hatred Video, carryminati thinks to roast the amir Siddiqui and Defend the Youtube and The community. The roast Wil not be Forgotten as many of Followers and other Youtube Creators Support Carry after the youtube Deleted from the youtube.

We have added the whole story of the Video in our Another blog you can read that and also the Amir Siddiqui Video.

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Emotional Message By Carryminati On Instagram

On Friday After the video Deleted Carryminati Post an emotional Message on Instagram Regarding the Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted and How he feels after this all things. He said the Video cant be restored again and it will be banned on youtube Forever and also he said that maybe This Video will break Several Records it got not Deleted From youtube

Carryminati Youtube Vs TikTok – the end was the first Non-Musical video with around 70 Million Like and it feels so bad that the Youtube itself deleted this video from the platform

As many Famous youtube Creators like Ashish Chalchalani, Harsh Beniwal, Bhuwan Bam, Amit Bhadana, Real hits, Elvish Yadav, Technical Guruji, and many More Famous creators Support carry on this Carryminati 70 Million Video Deleted, And many of them Show their Support by Making the Trend of Hashtags like #carryminativideoback and more on Twitter and other Social Media.

Some of the tweets are

Hindustani Bhau deletes his Tiktok Account to Support Carryminati

As many Famous people and Creators supporting carryminati our Favourite Hindustani Bhau Comes Forward to supports Carryminati and Deletes his Tiktok Account, He said Youtube and Instagram is My family and I cant betray to my family.

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