Lockdown Extension

Lockdown Extension After 17th May ? – Green Zone Relaxation, Red Zone Restrictions and More Updates

Lockdown Extension After the 17th of May 2020?

Modi Ji Done a Meeting with the States Chief Ministers Today, As it was 6 Hour Long Video Conferencing in which Modi Ji Clearly Revealed that the Lockdown will not End on 17th Of May 2020 but there will be Some Restrictions and Relaxation in the Lockdown and there will be Lockdown Extension.

He asked the Chief Ministers to Come up with the road Map That How We all can Deal with this Corobnavirus Crisis and what Measures Should be Done to Take Care of this Situation as Its a 4th Lockdown in the nation.

PM Narendra Modi Announcement on Lockdown Today

According to the Announcement, The Lockdown will be Extended After the 17th Of May but there will be Some Relaxation on the Orange and green Zones but on the Other Hand Red Zones will Still Have to face Restrictions.

Some States Chief ministers Also Said that It’s a Good Thing to Extend the Lockdown but they have also requested to Make a Coronavirus Affected Area Red Zone Rather put the Whole State into a Red Zone.

Lockdown Extension

Train Services in The Lockdown

The Train Services will be Start from Tuesday as All the Routes will be Active but Few Trains WIll be Run on The routes, He also Added that The Economic Activity Needed to be Started. He also Thanked All the Chief Ministers for the Support in this Pandemic Situation, Modi Ji also Asked the plan from Chief Minister on 15th may that what Measures Should be taken to Beat this Type of Situation.

Another measure Which will be Taken in the lockdown

Modi Ji Also Told To the Chief Ministers that the Biggest Challenge for our County is that the Virus Do not Spread in the Rural Areas and For this, There must be Strong Measures and Proper Precautions Must be Taken, And After Some Days all the Economic Activities will be started.

Several Chief Ministers Gave the Advice like the Lockdown is just needed As there are the Several States in India Where There is Continue Increase of the CoronaVirus Cases and also the Flight and Train Service must be restricted Till 31st May due to increasing in CoronVirus Cases In India

In the last PM Narendra Modi Said that we have to ensure that all the Precaution must be TAken Properly to Stop the Spread of the Virus and People Must Obey the Social Distancing as it an Only way to Stop the Spread of the Virus.

Lockdown Extension

Coronavirus Cased in India

According to the Sources, there is About 67,152 Total Cased in India with 2,206 Deaths till now We must Keep ourselves Safe from this Deadly Virus by Taking proper Precautions. As there is No Update Regarding the Coronavirus Vaccines as For now There is a single thing which will keep us safe from the Coronavirus That is Social Distancing the Taking Proper Precautions.

  • ¬†Wash Hands With Soap or a Hand wash
  • Use Mask
  • Do Social Distancing
  • Prepare Mentally
  • Be relax and Safe

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