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Will New Lockdown Be Imposed After 15th of June 2020 ? – Lockdown News

Due to Rise in the cases in Several Areas of India, Many State Government is thinking to Impose the New lockdown after 15th Of June 2020. Recently Uddhav Thackeray Maharashtra CM Give some hints about the New Lockdown which maybe Implemented from the Of June. He Said as People are not Abiding the Rules and Regulation and there must again a Lockdon to Stop People to Roaming freely outside. There is no Option Left He added.

The Increase in the Cases after the Unlock 1

According to the reports the Government is planning to Impose the Lockdown again, Till now the Maharashtra Govt has Recorded 97,648 Cases and Delhi About 34,000 CAses, This Increase in the cases and the Death is Been reported After the Unlock 1 in India.

People Seen Outise the Marine Drive for a Morning walk

Recently we saw the picture of Thousands of People and Crowd Violating the Social Distancing Rule Near to Marine Drive in Mumbai. This all happened after the Govt Started the First Phase of the Unlock in the nation. This Creates Huge Irresponisblity of the People towards the Safety as they are still not Taking the Coronavirus that the thing is Dangerous.

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray Gives Some hints about the New Lockdown

Recently the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Uddhav Thackeray Gives Some Hintstat They maybe Impose the New Lockdown Agin in the State After the 15th June 2020, He said people are Violating the Rules and Regulations Now. He also said the Threat is not over Yet and the Govebemt is Monitoring the Situation from Closely, If this Unlock is Threating to the Lives of the people we will again Impose the Lockdown.

But After Some Day  Mr. Uddhav Thackeray Twitted with the message that there will Be no reimposed of the Lockdown in th state, He also requested people to be safe at home and Stop Going outside


Delhi have Rapid Increase in the Coronavirus Cases

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia said that they’re Will be an Increase in Cases Till July 31  and might be there is about More than 5.5 Lakhs Coronavirus Cases till July 31. There are some Rumours that The Delhi have Touched the Commumjity Spread but Mr. Manish Sisodia Claims That Central Govt officially Confirmed that there is no Community Spread in Delhi.

Complete lockdown in nation Again?

Recently, There was A picture Posted on the Social media that the Home Ministry will again Put the NAtion into the Complete Lockdown after the 15th of June 2020. As there is No Confirm News about the Again Lockdown in the nation.

Flight Services Will Stop again in the nation?

Yeah, Still it is not Confirmed but maybe Govt Fgain Stops The Domestic Flight and Airline Services In the Nation, But it was a fake News Which was circulated over Social media that Home ministry will Stops the Airlines and Trains Services in India.

Sending Fakes News over  Social media is also a Type of Pandemic

Sending Fakes News over Social media is also a Type of Pandemic and People Must Stop this as these things Just ht our minds and make ourselves Mentally Weken so Requesting people to stop spreading the fake news.

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