Rajasthan Border Seal

Rajasthan Border Seal – Rajasthan News 2020 (Coronavirus Updates)

Rajasthan Border Seal: Rajasthan Government Announces on Wednesday To Seal the border again as the reason behind this is Increasing the cases of the coronavirus in the state. There is about 11,368 rise in the cases on Wednesday and also One Death is reported in jodhpur. There will be no entry and exit of a person into the Border without the permission and this thing wil be Remain for the Week.

The Things Will be Remain In this rule for 7 Days

The Authorities issued the Rule for the people that no one can leave or enter the state border without their permission. People Need NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Magistrate or SP for entry in the state and also required passes to leave the state.

Rajasthan Border Seal

Increase in cases after the Unlock 1

After the Unlock 1 in the nation, Rajsthan recorded an increase in the coronavirus cases and ao the death trolls. On Tuesday the Count touches the 369 Corna Cases and on Wednesday till 10:30, the count is 123 In the state. The Total Death that occurred in the state is about 25.

Is this Rule Be imposed for more than 7 Days?

If the Authorities will find the Increase in the cases after the 7 Days and here will be chances that the Rule will impose for the next 7 days and The Border Get Seal for more days, The Borders Get Sealed immediately after the release of the notice. Also, the Chekcpost are also set up on the railway station and the airport.

Which Borders are sealed – Rajasthan News 2020

Several borders are sealed which connects the other state with Rajasthan like Sriganganagar Border which is joining Punjab is get sealed, the Ratnapur Border Joining Gujarat is Sealed and also the Maval Border Got Sealed. The Borders are sealed for 7 Days and maybe increase if more Cotnavirus cases will find in the state.

Coronavirus updates in the state

There are about more than 11 thousand cases in rajsthan as Govt is FDoing their Work with to Efficiency by sealing the borderland opposing Rules and regulation in the State but the increase the cases making the State Worst. It’s So Important to be Self Aware and taking proper precautions at this time as this is the high time. Rajsthan Comes in 5th Position in the most affected state in the country after Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Delhi so it’s most important to care and take the proper precautions.

What about the test targets in the State

Earlier the authorities have targeted to Complete the 25 Thousand test Per Day but now in these situations they have decided to make an increase with 40 Thosudnd targets per Day. More than 5 Lakhs Test has been done in the Rajasthan and more to be done. According to the authorities they said they have increase the capacity and in upcoming days they will increase it to more. The testing is to be done on time as we have to suppress the Increase of th cases in the state. So its will be good to be in-home and use proper precautions.

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