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Space X Mision Postponed Due to Weather – Space X Mission Aborted

On 27th of May 2020, the Elon Mask’s Space X Mision get Aborted due to Bad Weather in Florida, yes you are right the Mision was taking place in florid where the Astronauts were ready to go to the pace but due to Lightning and Bad Weather director, Mike Taylor aborted the mission. This a First Crew Mission Which took place and owned by private Company.

Space X

When the rocket was ready to launch and the fueling was underway, the Direct Mike Taylor Contact the Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley the Austranauts who are all ready to hit the space. The Director Said ” We are not going to Launch today” and the mission gets aborted.

What is Space X?

We all know Elon Musk, He is an engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur and also the CEO of Space X. In 2002 He Found the Space x, it’s a Space Transport Service Company, and an Aerospace manufacturer. His main goal behind this Space x is to help Humanity and change the world. recently he was Lunching his Private rocket to Space with two American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley but unfortunately, the mission gets aborted due to bad weather the city was Experiencing lightning and Were reported for the cyclone.

When will they relaunch the Mission

As there is no idea how much time it will take to re-launch the rocket in the space but if this Mision will be successful then it will become the first Private Compay to launch their rocket into space. Sources aid that the Re-Launching will take place on Saturday. The last Space shuttle was Enter the space in 2011.

Ameican president Mr. Donal Trump and First Lady Melania Trump was also present there to watch the launch but its get aborted and they want back to the white house

Space X

Objective Behind Space x

Space x is a privately owned Company by Elon Musk which was Established in 2002, The main Gaol of space x is to Change the World and Help humanity. The other thing is they are making things on Low Cost. Last year Space X Made a Dragon Capsule and NASA Itself pay them to make this Capsule.

The project cost about 3 Billion $ which includes all the testing, Building, Designing and more he best Things and important thing about this capsule is It can be used for 6 Space Round trips.


What is the Dragon Capsule

Dragon Capsule latest project which is Completed by Space X. The Capsule is capable to provide 6 Round trips to space. The Capsule is Like Apollo but been updated to the 21-century Capsule. Its a New Generation Capsule and Enhanced Technology used as compared to the Capsule that were used by NASA from 1981 to 2011. if this project Will be tested Successfully it will be the best project.

So The second attempt of the Space x mission will be done on Saturday if the Wether in the Florid will be good then there will be So many chances to launch the rocket to Space with the astronauts.

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