World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day 2020 – Theme, History and More Information Here

World Environment Day 2020 – Every Year on the 5th of June World Environment Day is Celebrated In the world to create awareness about the environment and importance of the Environment for Human beings. On this day Many organizations, Governments, and People around the world Put the Environment issues Centre of attention that what measure can be Taken or What efforts can be done to protect the environment.

We all know We have creted so much mess in our earth and mother nature is Quite Angry with all of us – Pollution, Global Warming, and More other things are affecting the earth and now we have to stop all these things to save our earth. On World Environment Day Experts and other people gets engaged and talk about how to protect the environment and how they can solve all the issues which are Creating mess.

World Environment Day 2020

What is the Theme of World Environment Day 2020

Every Year people Celebrate this Day with some theme, the theme must be That Good that it can be related to the Environment. There is a hidden message in the Theme of World Environment Day.

This Year The World Environment Day 2020 is Celebrated with the new theme that is Celebrate Biodiversity.  Biodiversity means a Variety of Plans and animals which is Part of Our Ecosystem living in some habitat.

Right now Many plans and animals are beginning to Extinct, The Government is trying o protect them but we should also help the Government. As there are many organizations that have only One Objective that is to protect Biodiversity includes all the Animals and Plants.

Which Country is hosting World Environment Day 2020

The World Environment Day 2020 is Hosted by Columbia This year in partnership with Germany and in South America. Hosting the World Environment day is a part of being honor and respect. every year Different Counties are chosen to host the Day.

World Environment Day History

The day Was the First established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly. On June 5 in the Stockholm Conference, the Discussion was made for Human Awareness towards the IEnvioenmtn and their Efforts for the Environment and after two years in 1974 the first World Environment day is Celebrated with the Theme Only One Earth and after that On very 5th June the World Environment day is celebrated with different Themes and Celebration and Several Countries take part in this to show their Efforts towards the environment and Biodiversity.

Is Coronvirus Affects the World Environment Day Celebration

Due to the Outbreak of the deadly Virus Coronavirus, we all are obeying the social Distancing and many preventions are to be taken off. Yeah, this Time the outbreak affects the Celebration of the World Environment Day, But people have figured out the solution for this, The World Environment Day will be Celebrated Digitally.

We must protect our Earth and Respect it as Protecting the Environment will Create a Happy Living. We must Conserve the resources, Reduce, resues, and recycle and there are several things which we can do and Make A Difference and protect the earth.

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