WWE Backlash 2020

WWE Backlash 2020 – Result and More Information Here

The WWE Backlash 2020 occurred on Monday in the Center in Winter Park, It was The Greatest Wrestling Match. Randy Orton Defeats the Edge in the match. As both, the Wrestlers Were Struggled to win the match and Experience Several Injuries During the match but Finally, the Professional American Wrestler Get the victory.

Who gets the Victory for the World Championship

The Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre Get the Title of the World Championship and other Side Asuka and Nia Jax Have a Great Wrestling match. the Other Players like The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders Saw battling Ninjas in the end.

Some Matches Reviews and recaps

Randy Orton Vs Edge

Both the Wrestlers gave their best in the match, The match was Literally Full of Excitement and Cheerups and after saveral injuries Randy Orton Twist the Scene in Between and Defeats the Edge in the WWE Backlash 2020. Its was Long 50 Minutes Match

Drew McIntyre Vs Bobby Lashley

The Fight Between the Drew McIntyre Vs Bobby Lashley was Quite GoodΒ  But between the match Several Lashley got Distracted and then boom you will find that the Drew McIntyre Wins the match.

Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits

It was the Cinematic Fight like Four Fighting in the parking lot and then you see they are using the Braun Strowman’s car to smash Each other and after this, They all go to the Back Area where they found something to Smash each other but in the end, all get to agree to fight Without the Things

Seamus Make A Victory by Defeating the HardyΒ 

The match was Superlong and The Jeff Was easily get Defeated by the Seamus, In the match, the Seamus Ended the match by Kicking the Jeff Hardy so hard.

Braun Strowman Hold on to Universal championship – The handicap Match

Braun Strowman Retains His Universal Championship in the Match as it Was So easy for the Strowman to Defeats the Miz and John Morrison in the match, Although both the Miz and John Morrison Making the match full of fun and it was so interesting to see them fighting.

The Raw Women ChampionshipΒ  – Asuka Vs Jax

The Raw Women Championship also much interesting both Asuka and Nia Jax Fight like a Pro but in the Ends, the Asuka Makes the victory by Slmamming the Jax So hard to the ground, Asuka used Flying hip Attack on the Nia and Win the match.

Women Tag Teams titles

Sasha Banks and Bayley Won the Women Tag Teams titles, they both Defeated the Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, as the match was So interesting. Both 3 Teams have Players in the Ring

The results – WWE Backlash 2020

  • Apollo Crews def. Andrade United state Champion
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley Won the Women Tag Teams titles
  • Sheamus Wins Over Jeff Hardy
  • Asuka Won The Raw Women Championship
  • Braun Strowman Hold on to Universal championship in The handicap Match
  • Drew McIntyre Slams Bobby Lashley and win the match
  • The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders Fough Before the match

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